Read and Listen to Tamara Mose speak about her books The Playdate and Raising Brooklyn as well as her research and observations in and around New York City.  Tamara Mose is an expert on the urban family dynamics that make our cities vibrant, yet plagued by inequality.

Social Climbing With Your Kids - The Wall Street Journal

Pirate’s Booty and Cheetos have nearly the same nutritional content. But for certain mothers, giving a child Cheetos is like feeding her poison

The Awkward Politics of Hollywood Playdates: Socializing, Soliciting and Schmoozing - The Hollywood Reporter

Nothing brings industry parents together more than commiserating over tantrum-throwing toddlers, but there’s a right — and really wrong — way to pitch that screenplay.

The Privatization of Childhood Play - Pacific Standard

With playdates replacing free childhood play, it’s upper-class families who set

the social norms — and working-class families who pay the price....

Wait, What – PLU (People Like Us) Syndrome? -

A part of me wanted to dig out my old DSM-IV and scour the pages to see if this condition was tucked away somewhere in the index, but then I reminded myself that like so many other modern parenting strategies, this too was real....

Moms are using kids’ playdates to social climb and make money - NY Post

Watching her toddler happily playing with toy blocks on the rug, Manhattan mom Christina was pleased to have been invited to the apartment of another mother

she’d met at the park. ...

Race, Class, and Child's Play - The Brian Lehrer Show - WNYC

There are playdates, and then there are Playdates. A Brooklyn College sociologist discusses how certain parents arrange children's playdates in ways ...

Are playdates really for kids — or their parents? - The Villager

And then there was the food: “The kitchen is full of aromas, boiling pasta, simmering sauce, freshly sliced carrots, celery and oranges, all displayed on sparkling ..

Interview with Tamara Mose

One to One: Tamara Mose Brown - YouTube

Host Sheryl McCarthy sits down to talk with Dr. Tamara Mose Brown about her book Raising Brooklyn: Nannies, Childcare, and Caribbeans Creating Community with

NYU Press 2011

Cari Poppins by Tamara Mose Brown - NY Post 

It’s a Brooklyn cliché as persistent as cupcake shops and stroller wars — parks full of children, many white, being cared for by nannies, many not.

Few Domestic Workers Know About Law Protecting Them -

The New York Times

Months after a state law was passed with wage and workplace rules for caregivers and housekeepers, those who would benefit are still learning they have rights. Tamara Mose Brown talks with NY Times.


Welcome to the brave nude world of reality TV - NY Post


Tamara Mose Brown discusses the new phenomenon of nudity on television.


Born to Wait - The New York Times


In some New York neighborhoods, children not getting into activities, classes, sports teams and local schools has become a way of life.

Sewing, in Brooklyn, as a Way of Life - The New York Times

A former art teacher personifies the do-it-yourself movement in Brooklyn by making nearly all of her clothes, including her underwear.